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I've been in a bit of a vaguely burnt out funk about . Everything's very monoculture yucko samey, so I thought I'd mix things up and try out Nova for a bit, it's a native MacOS editor. It's kinda cute.

I've been itching to go and tonight it's finally stopped raining! Got to the Story Bridge and gave myself lactic acidosis climbing the hill. So I sat down for a bit, turned around and came home again. I rate tonight two stars.

Truly it has been an exhausting nine years and I don't want to talk about it. What I DO want to talk about is the democracy sausage at the polling place πŸ₯°

Working from iconic gay bar/pub, The Wickham. It's a bit wet, but I'm undercover. This has become my favourite Friday tradition

Bike ride tonight took me around the usualish route, across the Story Bridge and back through the city.

Filthy, filthy mess after the rain and alluvium, had to hose the bike and take a shower with my clothes on hahaaaaaa, but it was good fun

Here's the 30-day bandwith usage on We're a fairly small instance and we use Object Storage for media, so users downloading images and video aren't included here. What kind of numbers are other instances doing I wonder?

I scooted to the station to pick mum up. She's with my brother, but he's with his friends so we thought we'd have lunch together. Lol. Standing room only on Caxton Street, a bit naive to have thought otherwise.

So she got a packet of nuts to snack on, and I got a sunburn before they bunched into the stadium and I rode home.

I ducked into Coles on the way back, they have the $7 sodastream mixers for half price so I grabbed a bunchπŸ‘Œ


The rain has lifted. I'm here to escort mum to the footy. Highest per capita covid rate in the world but you wouldn't know it 😷

Putting down the for the night. Tonight we hit the edge of the suburbs and started to see a bit more nature. I'm enjoying filling out this map

I made latte art.

…It's a blob.

But seeing as it actually made anything at all, I'm wondering if I should look up how to do it properly. Has anyone in here tried it?

Some to ring in the weekend. I decorated the museum, but mostly just added relentless suburban sprawl so I can hook up my public transport network. It's very satisfying though I'm about to fall asleep in my chair

Message in the group chat: β€œDoes anyone feel like a The Montague dinner tonight? I know it's wet, but I've been inside ALL day and wanna get oot”

I remember in high school people used to have apps that let them IM using rainbow text. You could use standard rainbow, or pick your colours to cycle through. What a blast from the past

I swear to heck, once you realise people are using AI to generate content to hack their SEO you will never not notice it holy moley

Took the bus. The bus to me to the complete wrong place. Here's a spontaneous creek by the busway.

My fav for today is Moth by Chairlift. Just super nicely crafted indie pop.

I loved this when it came out, and saw them at The Zoo when they toured. Caroline Polachek is an absolute legend.

#brisbane planning/casino opinion 

I still find it wild that the new bridge from South Bank is gonna dump you directly into a casino. How could this be anything but absolute corruption?

I'm out for a walk and I've gone the long way. As I was climbing kangaroo point cliffs I spotted something most strange. An albino possum?

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