, by Luke Jerram. , Australia. If you look carefully, you'll see two people trying to create the exact same Insta shot 😆

New default avatar for bne.social just dropped. Dropped a chip. hahaha.

I spent most of today practising my and doing up a new cartoon style header for bne.social.

It's very inspired by hit childrens television series which is in turn inspired by Brisbane itself.

This is kinda a facsimilie rather than , but I'm still really happy with it. And I'm stoked that I can use Inkscape on Mac now ^_^

Just updated @inkscape is on my Mac and it's so fast now. Before it was just a special occasions kinda of thing, but I've just spent the past hour making actual art and it's really nice!

And I love that someone had fun making the installer look pretty 🥰

Took a ride on 's Art Boat tonight, part of Brisbane Festival. Sculpture by Lindy Lee and music by Mo'Ju. What a ride.

The train stopped. We all got out to catch the rail bus. Except for me, I had a bike which I wasn't intending to cycle across the city with, but it was a happy accident.

Turns out the train would have continued through to Milton which would have been better, but I misunderstood the announcement.

Today's workspace by the river because my place is just a cacophony of jackhammers. There's construction noise down here as well. But it's something different.

“we can also slow down floodwaters, create more space for tree canopy and cool our neighbourhoods. So rejuvenating and ‘naturalising’ creeks constitutes both global warming mitigation and global warming adaptation.” via twitter.com/jonathan_sri/statu

As a person of technology, this was a very confusing headline

“‘Google has airbrushed a huge chunk of the aviation industry's climate impacts from its pages’ says Dr Doug Parr, chief scientist of Greenpeace.”

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