Just updated @inkscape is on my Mac and it's so fast now. Before it was just a special occasions kinda of thing, but I've just spent the past hour making actual art and it's really nice!

And I love that someone had fun making the installer look pretty 🥰

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@ash @inkscape I know @doctormo puts a lot of work into it. It's pretty awesome.

@trregeagle @ash @inkscape the macos release can be put entirely onto super star contributor René deHassle who fixed and worked on and even made that cute installer.

Some smaller speed improvements were me, but not nearly compared to turning off gtk button shadows :BlobHajMlem:

@doctormo @trregeagle @inkscape Haha, I saw a thread along those lines, amazing that something so small could have such an impact. But regardless, I really appreciate all of y'all. Thank you <3

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