Random question, but is there a Linux distro that's designed to just boot with minimal fuss directly into a retro OS via QEMU?

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@ash many are a lot more bloated these days, but something like kubuntu is lighter than many. Perhaps best if you find an older lts/release

@3dcandy Not sure if that's what I'm after. The benefit of booting straight into QEMU is you can emulate things like DOS or old Windows or MacOS. I mean, it's probably possible to just do it manually, but I was hoping there'd be a nice way.

@ash yip... I get it. Options that are secure and up to date aren't of a small footprint though

@tatey yeah, as an example. I suppose booting directly into a DosBox session would be cool too

@ash I feel like I’ve seen something, but I can’t remember where it was so not very helpful. I don’t think it went straight into DOSBox though, it was more about booting up an old OS.

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