Good morning, timeline! It's a lovely cool Wednesday morning here and I just went out for coffee. How's your day/night/otherwise?

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@ash Still holed up in the in-laws place in Parramatta, although apparently we're leaving the compound tonight for dinner with Lea's brother (and family).

Tomorrow, it's off to Canberra for wedding prep before shooting my niece's wedding on Sunday.

@david wow, all the activities, is it cold? 😁 Good luck tomorrow!

@ash I think it was 6.5º outside this morning, but I didn't venture out. (-1.7ºC in Canberra though, at around 7am).

@ash morning. Woke up late. Had a dream I didn’t bring enough money to buy breakfast. Someone lining up behind me got mad. Then i woke up. 😆

@ash I got my braces tightened so its soft foods for the rest of the day here.

@pori aw damn. On the plus side, jelly is the best! :D

@ash good thing I like eating cold stuff in winter.

@pori delicious. alphabetti spaghetti straight from the tin on a cold, windy night

@ash I've never been one for cold, tinned sphaget tho

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