I thought they were slowly moving to usbc, but for some reason Apple is still selling a brand new $300 keyboard with a lightning connector 🤯 (I want something with touch id because I have to enter my work password about 6000 times a day)

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@ash what’s more is touchid on the new apple keyboards only work with M-series Macs (not on Intel) iirc

@dadegroot Yeah I saw that. I don't think there has been a touchid external keyb before now has there? Maybe I should get a yubikey, everyone keeps talking about them

@ash Yeah, they couldn't work out a way to do the secure transactions within the Intel architecture.
Annoying, as both my home Mac and work Mac are Intel based.

@ash it’s so frustrating the way they’re clinging to lightning adaptors when using usbc in some devices. Depending which iPad you buy it’s one or the other, you’d think it would be standardised.

@peterw Oh, I thought all the new iPads had type c! Yeah, that is frustrating.

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