The queue at the Night Noodle Markets is absurd, and there's a queue for each vendor once you're inside. I'm not sure who this is for, but I didn't really enjoy it. Did anyone else go? (CW flashing images)

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@ash yeah I had similar experiences with the Sydney one in Hyde Park in the pre-covid times. Not terribly fun or very good food.

@ben_hr That's a shame. I have fond memories of going here with friends in past years.

@ash I wanted to go, but once I heard about the queues, I changed my mind

@ada :( that's a shame. I'm wondering if it will be any quieter during the week. I think I'm gonna head back, for science!

@ash I went a few times many years ago but I'm not terribly inclined to go back, sounds like it's more hectic every year

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