TLDR potentially blackouts in Qld tonight 

“up to 173MW of load may have to be curtailed between 1730 and 1900 AEST. It later updated this to a potential shortfall of 513MW – or the equivalent of one quarter of Brisbane’s total demand”

From @peterw's post this morning, I understand the fossil generators are either broken down or unable to source fuel to burn. And we don't have enough renewables to make up for it, nor policy in place to manage demand.

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Anyway I'm by no means an expert, but I've been keeping an eye on and things have been looking pretty weird. And I'll certainly turning off my aircon before the sun goes down.

TLDR if you're in Qld, pls conserve energy tonight 

The ABC has an article too

“The AMEO energy price cap sees energy generators decreasing their supply of energy to the market

“The lack of supply has broader implications for system stability and security of supply for electricity across the eastern market

“Queenslanders are being urged to conserve electricity or face shedding in the states from 5-11pm”

TLDR if you're in Qld, pls conserve energy tonight 

@ash Considering it's a national grid, isn't saving power anywhere in the country useful?

@LovesTha I'm not an expert, sorry, But there's market pricing weirdness involved so I think it's a little more complicated than that. But I mean conserving energy in general is a good thing, so why not? :D

@ash I turned off my desktop before going on this business trip and the TV is broken, so I think I'm doing my part.

@ash I'll only take credit for the PC, and that is a pretty small credit.

@ash @LovesTha a lot of “we need to buy a battery” decisions gonna get made tonight

@Posty @ash Pity most of those decisions will amount to nothing once the cost is looked at :(

@ash @LovesTha I’m changed the aircon from 24° to 22°. 💅🏻 That’s my contribution.

@PeterWyrm @ash presuming you are talking about reverse cycle 👍

@ash @peterw Oh dang. Time to get a backup generator for the server!

@phocks @peterw yeah that's a good point. I've been looking at getting a Lithium "power station" after losing power in the floods but man. Decision fatigue!

@ash @phocks Okay. There are three people in that photo. I’ll be the guy in the front, you two can handle the wheel.

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