I've been in a bit of a vaguely burnt out funk about . Everything's very monoculture yucko samey, so I thought I'd mix things up and try out Nova for a bit, it's a native MacOS editor. It's kinda cute. nova.app/

This is quite nice. Click the button to open a new document/terminal/file browser/preview in a new tab.


Really getting into the Nova workflow. Also made a sweet inspired frontend for my toots over on ash.ms/ Feel free to view source and steal it :D

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@ash I love this! The tiled background-and-word art-aesthetic is :newl:iconic:newr: – all that’s missing is the midi background music 😉

(I also was absolutely not expecting Paint to do anything at all, wow!)

@alex haha thank you! I thought it was fun, and randomly remembered that rainbow text used to exist and made a little generator: codepen.io/AshKyd/pen/VwQQoyw

JSPaint itself is just an iframe to this amazing project: jspaint.app

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