The importance of capitalising your hashtags: not only does it help screen readers understand them, but humans as well.

I just saw and thought it was about welding. See also

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Niche reference? I dunno 

@brad haha not familiar. I found the source video, I'll have to give it a watch.

Niche reference? I dunno 

@ash I hadn’t watched any of it in about 15 years, there’s a heap of kinda tedious “ya mum” jokes in there. The bit you reminded me of: An Album Cover.

Niche reference? I dunno 

@brad Ah I see where you're going with that 😅

@ash And that reminds me of the unfortunately named shop "Pen Island".

@phocks Hahaha, it was actually a real hashtag to promote Susan Boyle's new album, a little while back

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