I've been in a bit of a vaguely burnt out funk about . Everything's very monoculture yucko samey, so I thought I'd mix things up and try out Nova for a bit, it's a native MacOS editor. It's kinda cute.

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This is quite nice. Click the button to open a new document/terminal/file browser/preview in a new tab.

Really getting into the Nova workflow. Also made a sweet inspired frontend for my toots over on Feel free to view source and steal it :D

@ash ohhh they have rust and go extensions as well… I might give this a try.

@gsora Why not! I'm coming in with pretty low expectations and it's meeting/exceeding them. I'm interested to hear how you go, if you do :)

@ash i will for sure! If those plugins are good enough and the general performance is similar to Xcode… I’ll happily buy it. I’m not a fan of the pricing model but I’m assuming it’s the only way they have to keep it profitable.

@ash I love this! The tiled background-and-word art-aesthetic is :newl:iconic:newr: – all that’s missing is the midi background music 😉

(I also was absolutely not expecting Paint to do anything at all, wow!)

@alex haha thank you! I thought it was fun, and randomly remembered that rainbow text used to exist and made a little generator:

JSPaint itself is just an iframe to this amazing project:

@ash I’ve got time for anything Panic puts out 😊

@colingourlay Yeah of course. Does it have support for the Cranky Boy? Has yours arrived yet?

@ash it does have dedicated cranky boy support! Mine is still a ways off yet (at least July), but it’s fun to play with the SDK

@colingourlay I have to admit when I clicked through to their site and saw the Playdate there I was like... should I? 😅 I can't wait to see what you do with yours

@ash I use it for messing around with the Playdate SDK, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how good it is! VS Code is great and what we’ll be using at work, but somehow Nova just feels really solid where VS Code can feel like a bit of a house of cards

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