I'm trying to find an article I read in the past month or two that interviewed a bunch of devs, and basically nobody's taking security seriously. Does that ring a bell?

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@ash sadly can't help but I'd be curious to read this too. I find it puzzling the amount of security holes built into the ecosystem.

@pori apparently it's just hard, and people don't really care.

@pori damn right. Oops my smort contact was hacked and I have no way to fix it

@ash have you considered using an rss reader and saving articles in it? Helping, not helping etc

@peterw etc. I just tried searching in Feedly but it's a pro feature. Might just be enough to convince me to upgrade 🤷

@ash if you’re thinking of upgrading then take a look at newsblur. It has the cheapest annual cost.

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