It's still wet, but I think I'm gonna put on my big boy pants and head out to see Botanica, a bunch of art installations through the Botanic Gardens. I don't know if any other folks are planning to go, but it runs through 'til Sunday

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@ash My kiddo went last week and really enjoyed it!

@david Great shots. It was pitch black when I got to the bone garden, and absolutely paaaacccckkked with people haha.

@ash Yeah it was pretty busy when we went, but that was before Omicron, when Qld was a pretty self-contained, but safe place.

@ash I'm definitely going at some point! My mum's crafty group has an exhibit there :)

@ash knitted and crocheted glow in the dark fungi :) Queensland Spinners Weaver's and Fibre Artists

@ada didn't go cos my big boy pants weren't big enough. I'm going on Sat with a friend though 😊

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