I made latte art.

…It's a blob.

But seeing as it actually made anything at all, I'm wondering if I should look up how to do it properly. Has anyone in here tried it?

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Having read a little about the technique and two mornings actually trying to make an art… this was 100% a fluke.

@ninja did that emoji come through for you? Cuz it didn't for me πŸ€” I can see the one in your username just fine

@ash coz it's an animated emoji? Not sure, try again: :ablobraisehand:

@ninja sadness. I'm just on the web app, it's funny because this is the first one over seen that didn't come through. Glitch in the matrix?

@ash I've tried hundreds of times, I've watched youtube videos, they are still always blobs

@JacksonBates blob damnit! (a good, wholesome cuss). That's probably fair though, my barista messes it up about 50% of the time, so what hope have we mortals πŸ˜…

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