Some to ring in the weekend. I decorated the museum, but mostly just added relentless suburban sprawl so I can hook up my public transport network. It's very satisfying though I'm about to fall asleep in my chair

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@ash Thanks to you I started playing this after years and boy is it addictive. 🥵

@ru haha oops, I'm sorry but I'm totally not 😁 can't wait to see what you build

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@ash I build absolutely random stuff lol. I accidentally placed a waste disposal thingy next to the water intake thingy (and didn’t notice until it was too late) and everyone fell sick and medical were overworking at 150% and I had no funds and I had to accept the 3rd bailout after refusing it twice and dead bodies were piling up and just ouch.

That’s what you get for resuming a save after years. 😂

What you’ve built looks really cool though!

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@ru hahaha that's half the fun. I never have much luck with old save games tbh, there's always some game mechanic that's changed and throws the delicate balance out 😅

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