If I'm writing alt text and I describe the center of our galaxy as looking like a spicy molten Cheezel, is that gonna translate culturally?

There oughta be a website for geographically distributed snack food & regional alternatives.

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Q: "What's a Cheezel?"
A: Kind of like a little savoury doughnut

@ash It may not translate culturally, but a VI person can google for culturally specific terms if they need them, as long as they've got a starting point. It's no different to just using the term in a regular toot. Some people may not understand the term. You can't account for every cultural difference, but you can account for accessibility.

tl;dr - We are orbiting a massive molten cheezel :P

@ada Haha thank you. This was partially a shitpost, partially an idea for a website, and partially because none of the photos I've seen of it so far have alt text and it got me thinking how I'd describe it πŸ€”

@ash the spicy cheezel centre of our galaxy looks as tasty as it is magnificent.

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