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An : I'm a dev from Brisbane, Australia. I run for Brissie folks & friends, join us!

πŸ“Ή I loove / / editing. Check out my Youtube at Send me yours!

🚡 Also interested in , , & my CD collection (what's your fav album?)

Otherwise I love this part of the world & you'll probably find a lot of photos of moments I find beautiful around here. PS: πŸ’― gay 🌈 πŸ¦„

Tonight's is all updating stuff. Renamed everything for consistency, updated Storybook, Parcel and Preact to latest.

So at the end of the day looks exactly the same as before, but now builds on Node 16 and is less likely to fall apart in a disagreeable breeze.

Really enjoying Nova though. I think I'm gonna keep it for personal stuff. VSCode bums me out.

The importance of capitalising your hashtags: not only does it help screen readers understand them, but humans as well.

I just saw and thought it was about welding. See also

This is quite nice. Click the button to open a new document/terminal/file browser/preview in a new tab.

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I've been in a bit of a vaguely burnt out funk about . Everything's very monoculture yucko samey, so I thought I'd mix things up and try out Nova for a bit, it's a native MacOS editor. It's kinda cute.

ADSL in our area is down. Telstra (who maintain the equipment) has an estimated resolution date of 2nd June!

While we have Starlink, we use ADSL as our active failover (trees and starlink = outages). Thus I’ve now got a flaky connection.

Mind you, others in the area are still using adsl as their only connection and are stuffed at the moment.

I'm trying to find an article I read in the past month or two that interviewed a bunch of devs, and basically nobody's taking security seriously. Does that ring a bell?

Slept with all the doors closed last night for sound insulation and had probably one of the best nights sleep in a while.

a spellbook where each spell has a long personal story with it like recipe blog

I've been itching to go and tonight it's finally stopped raining! Got to the Story Bridge and gave myself lactic acidosis climbing the hill. So I sat down for a bit, turned around and came home again. I rate tonight two stars.

Questions are being asked as to why the balcony door remains closed.

I've had a little jumping spider in my hydroponic garden eating flies but I was getting disconcerted when it started roaming around and getting in the kitchen and stuff. So I relocated it outside. Only today I realised it was actually two spiders.

It's still wet, but I think I'm gonna put on my big boy pants and head out to see Botanica, a bunch of art installations through the Botanic Gardens. I don't know if any other folks are planning to go, but it runs through 'til Sunday

auspol/joke (tenuous) 

So Albo's handle on the other website is @albomp, and whenever I see someone mention him my brain automatically expands it out to Prime Minister Alan Bomp.

No idea why I have that particular track stuck in my head, but good mornin! It's another rainy Monday.

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