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An : I'm a dev from Brisbane, Australia. I run for Brissie folks & friends, join us!

📹 I loove / / editing. Check out my Youtube at Send me yours!

🚵 Also interested in , , & my CD collection (what's your fav album?)

Otherwise I love this part of the world & you'll probably find a lot of photos of moments I find beautiful around here. PS: 💯 gay 🌈 🦄

im gonna go travel when everything is back to normal :]

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do you want to hang out when the pandemic is over :]

Added a camera mount for better time-lapses. Now that it's a good angle I'm going to have to buy a decent webcam for better image quality.

I learned who brennan lee mulligan is three days ago and youtube's algorithm is like you LOVE him he is ALL YOU THINK ABOUT

Life hack: use one of those sticky velcro 3M attachments to fix the webcam to the monitor.

That way it stays in place, is rock stable and doesn't wobble while typing 😭

Is this just a regular little bee or an Australian native? Seems keen on the plant soil.

take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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ABC is holding a vote for Australia's favourite tree!

It was a tough one for me but I ended up voting for:
- Moreton Bay Fig - not only are they glorious, I used to sit in one at lunchtimes in school with my friends
- Bunya pine - spectacular, local, and good food source
- Macadamia - same as the Bunya pine really!

I'm getting pretty tired of hearing, on the fediverse about how bad Twitter is. The confected outrage is embarrassing, and my least favourite thing about this place.

New Art vs Science album dropped 🥳 💿 Bit of indie dance rocky electronic something. Giving it a spin this morning.

Listen here:

Going through some old notes I kept because they're important. Can't for the life of me remember why.

Having a little rest
not stuck
nothing to see here
move along
just a cat being a cat

RAAF planes 

The RAAF Roulettes just did a flyover of the Ekka and then followed the river around West End. Only quick enough to catch three of the six going over.

What's happening fediverse?! Will you join my Saturday night party thread! I brought 🍺 and 🍹 emojis (with non-alcoholic options). Or just a hot chocolate if you prefer ☕

Part of the inspiration for my redo was this article on . I can really see the appeal, but also… how is this a whole industry? 😅

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This is what I ended up with, I think it's alright. One USBC cable to rule them all

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Last night I used the voice assistant to set a wake up alarm for 7:30. Anyway it just went off at half past seven in the evening.

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