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An : I'm a dev from Brisbane, Australia. I run for Brissie folks & friends, join us!

📹 I loove / / editing. Check out my Youtube at Send me yours!

🚵 Also interested in , , & my CD collection (what's your fav album?)

Otherwise I love this part of the world & you'll probably find a lot of photos of moments I find beautiful around here. PS: 💯 gay 🌈 🦄

Just published the recording of a guest lecture I gave at the University of Texas at Austin earlier this week on "Blockchain Solutionism"

The government says the 500MW Tarong West Wind Farm will be built by the state's energy corporation Stanwell. It will be operational by 2026

Track work on the Brisbane-Sydney line, so I'll miss half of our team catch-up. But travel is booked, I'll be there Tues 11th October til Friday.

Good morning fediverse, and happy Monday to those who celebrate.

, by Luke Jerram. , Australia. If you look carefully, you'll see two people trying to create the exact same Insta shot 😆

Haven't been an Optus customer in many years but yeah looks like my data was still on their servers. That feels extremely illegal. Here's hoping for a multi billion dollar class action settlement and we all become millionaires and Optus goes out of business. Later sk8erz ✌️

Can we please as a state start enacting a shady Queensland. Not just because the name would be banging but also because as a state with some@of the highest melanoma rates in the world it’s absolutely ridiculous we do nothing

New default avatar for just dropped. Dropped a chip. hahaha.

@ash in other cycling rules I'd like to change - other states need to allow cycling on footpaths like Qld does. I'd never have gotten the courage to try riding a bike if I didn't know I could always ride on the footpath. I still do part of my commute on the footpath because I am absolutely not riding on Ipswich Rd, and there are some hills I go up too slowly to be on the road.

I really think Australia needs to revisit mandatory helmets as we develop safer infrastructure and get folks off roads. For the kind of I do I'd much prefer the UV protection of a hat.

If Brisbane Festival isn't the most fomo inducing thing. I was gonna go tonight but Mars ended yesterday D:

Also yeah I used the technique from the Inkscape installer for the water hah. I reckon it looks sweet!

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I spent most of today practising my and doing up a new cartoon style header for

It's very inspired by hit childrens television series which is in turn inspired by Brisbane itself.

This is kinda a facsimilie rather than , but I'm still really happy with it. And I'm stoked that I can use Inkscape on Mac now ^_^

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A community primarily intended for (but not limited to) residents and friends of Brisbane/Meanjin, South-east Queensland, and the region.