Tech knowledgeable friends. I'm currently paying for web-hosting. Is there an email client you recommend that I can use with this hosting?

@ashkyd Ha Ha. I'm new to your youtube vids. To me, you look so cranky/serious in them :) Mind you I'd be a bit stressed moving to a new country, and putting a bike together!

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This is interesting, terrifying, and unsurprising. I think her final conclusion is particularly important...

Any thoughts on Librem? Yes I know it's a paid service but It seems affordable and maybe preferable to free servces harvesting my data.

I'm looking at mid range Android phones, hopefuly sub 400AUD. Any recommendations?

So much to talk abot. Two OS trips in the planning. One child's bday party done. Two still to come. I've started a basic carpentry course at school. I'm also back on the Bahasa Indonesia and ukulele learning journeys. I think I need a lie down just thinking about it all.

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In the space of a week my Myzone mz-3 battery (heart rate monitor) died and I smashed the screen on my Garmin watch. All my fitness tracking gone. Time to go old school.

If you don't mind swearing and like chilli chicken wings you may find this amusing -

On the weekend I wore my Yeezys to Bookfest with the kiddlywinks. I tell you, I took great pleasure in the irony.

Ugh, today was filled with meetings :( But, my new leuchtturm1917 dotted journal arrived. It will be my new bullet journal. Also my news feed tells me Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds have a new album due for release this year.

I've been reliably told that Deanna from Cave's Tender Prey is signature punk. I must have been confusing Punk with thrash metal or something. I have some research to do. And yet, work tomorrow :(

I've decided to work my way through some Nick Cave albums. Currently listening to Tender Prey.
I'm new to NC & TBS but I'm hearing a real mash of genres in these songs - blues, soul, Tom Waits gypsy carnival stuff. Where's the punk influence I keep reading about?

I've spent the last two hours reading about Nick Cave and watching him be interviewed. Back to work tomorrow.

After gorging on delicious food through the christmas period and then again everyday for two weeks in Bali (Sampai Jumpa!), I went back to gym this morning. I am all the hurts.

A few months back I was looking at print on demand tshirt design websites. It appears most only allow printing on the front of the tshirt. Zazzle being a very expensive exception. I think there's a gap in the market ...

I'm as newb a programmer as you can get but already I'm annoyed that ArcadeAcademy doesn't have an on_button_press (like Adobe's Animate). Instead it only has on_mouse_press and now I have to map that shit or slum it with on_key_press.

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