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A few months back I was looking at print on demand tshirt design websites. It appears most only allow printing on the front of the tshirt. Zazzle being a very expensive exception. I think there's a gap in the market ...

I'm as newb a programmer as you can get but already I'm annoyed that ArcadeAcademy doesn't have an on_button_press (like Adobe's Animate). Instead it only has on_mouse_press and now I have to map that shit or slum it with on_key_press.

When paying off your credit card IS your christmas present.

Is there an open source alternative to Trello?

I miss Windows Mobile transparent tiles.

After a week of moping in class, and a couple of other teachers asking around, my Rotring multi-pen has been returned. Apparently it was under one of the tables in my room. This is despite me searching the room repeatedly and the cleaners cleaning daily. Anyhoo, should I remove the pox?

My gym uses Myzone. My friends use a mixture of Garmin, Apple watch, fitbit and Strava. I want to share my workouts but not via tweet or FB share. Garmin and Strava share well but Myzone and Apple appear to be walled gardens. It's a little frustrating.

The Rotring multi-pen my father gave me years ago, a favourite, has gone missing from my classroom. Should it not return soon I put a pox on the taker and their family! A pox I tell you!

I'm looking at getting some t-shirts printed. Lots of businesses let me design a shirt and then order/print a set amount. Great.
But what if I want people to order my shirt and get it delivered to them in the amounts they want, when they want. Like my own personal merch shop. Is that possible?

@AnnaGerber ive tried several times to learn the uke but i keep getting bogged down on awkward chord transitions.

Went to Adelaide, actually Victor Harbor, on the weekend for my annual conference and levelled up. I'm felling extra special this week.

Just put a tempered glass screen protector on my phone. Functionality has been reduced quite a bit. I'm having to press buttons multiple time to get them working. Do I really need a screen protector?

Check this out. An ethically produced sports clothing brand with sizes for all. I got the link via an email from Paul Sinton-Hewitt (Parkrun)

I had to look for some replacement bullbars for my daughters . And of course this led me to desiring all of the Gshocks. The consumer addiction is strong in me.

Looking for a soft cotton pen roll? My latest review is up. C'mon stationery aficionados!

Mobilciti eBay had the note 9 for preorder price if this phone is your thing.

The looks enticing. My OnePlus4 is acting up and pre-order deals for the note end tonight. But is it value?