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@AnnaGerber ive tried several times to learn the uke but i keep getting bogged down on awkward chord transitions.

Went to Adelaide, actually Victor Harbor, on the weekend for my annual conference and levelled up. I'm felling extra special this week.

Just put a tempered glass screen protector on my phone. Functionality has been reduced quite a bit. I'm having to press buttons multiple time to get them working. Do I really need a screen protector?

Check this out. An ethically produced sports clothing brand with sizes for all. I got the link via an email from Paul Sinton-Hewitt (Parkrun)

I had to look for some replacement bullbars for my daughters . And of course this led me to desiring all of the Gshocks. The consumer addiction is strong in me.

Looking for a soft cotton pen roll? My latest review is up. C'mon stationery aficionados!

Mobilciti eBay had the note 9 for preorder price if this phone is your thing.

The looks enticing. My OnePlus4 is acting up and pre-order deals for the note end tonight. But is it value?

You can now learn Indonesian on Duolingo!

Once you hit forty your body enters a slow decline. Today, I'm feeling the decline has steepened somewhat.

About to drop some coin on a wooden dummy. I need to figure out where it's going to sit though. I think they're beautiful. Partner is not so enamoured.

Changing my email address in AliExpress is proving to be almost impossible. I've noticed that deleting my account isn't an option I can see anywhere either.

So far every article I've found is vague and generalist. I'm looking for specific, practical, life hacks.

@david @AnnaGerber I'll be googling hints and tips from Polymaths today to try and get some self help. I need to do it ALL. I think I just need some routine and organisation to fit it all in.

I have too many things I want to learn and not enough time.

Reddit has updated its T&C and some users are not happy. Some believe Reddit has gone even further than FB. The backlash is on. Is there an alternative platform?