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You can now learn Indonesian on Duolingo!

Once you hit forty your body enters a slow decline. Today, I'm feeling the decline has steepened somewhat.

About to drop some coin on a wooden dummy. I need to figure out where it's going to sit though. I think they're beautiful. Partner is not so enamoured.

Changing my email address in AliExpress is proving to be almost impossible. I've noticed that deleting my account isn't an option I can see anywhere either.

So far every article I've found is vague and generalist. I'm looking for specific, practical, life hacks.

@david @AnnaGerber I'll be googling hints and tips from Polymaths today to try and get some self help. I need to do it ALL. I think I just need some routine and organisation to fit it all in.

I have too many things I want to learn and not enough time.

Reddit has updated its T&C and some users are not happy. Some believe Reddit has gone even further than FB. The backlash is on. Is there an alternative platform?

Mind you, it was only bottled 1.5 weeks ago. It's a bit green!

Just tried my Pear Cider and I'm not fussed. Wife is so-so about it too. I mean, it's sweet, its alcoholic, but it ain't moorish like the ginger beer I've made.

I hope takes off. Instagram needs a competitor.

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Hey, Linux users and researchers: any recommendations on a #timeline program? I used Calizo in the past ( but it's been abandoned and no longer works on modern systems.

I would like to avoid web-based systems and instead have the data on my machine.

Loved the Gospel choir singing Stand By Me in the royal wedding. The sermon about love was good too even if it did go FOREVER. The expression on some of the royal's faces especially made it worth the while.

I've been working with for a couple of days now and my work flow is getting quicker. But there's so much still to learn. I wish I had an expert on tap to give me tips when I needed it.