Okay, I ought to do an

I'm a in (HEW, not academic) mostly involved in data management and as a at a university.

I'm in BNE but moved back from MEL to live with and look after my elderly parents as I reckon it's better for people to age-in-place.

My main interest in life is (listen, not create) and the genres and types of music I enjoy are very broad and varying. The genre I most appreciate is music.

I don't often toot but that's because:

a) I've come from bird site which I used as a curated source of journalism & info so I was largely passive; I had nothing to say.

b) I'm essentially introverted & shy; I tend not to say much, especially in crowds.

c) I don't really understand the point of social media; I don't have a sense of self-importance to believe that my opinion is worth expressing publicly.

But I do really like this bne.social instance so I will make an effort to be more engaged.

@PaulMcEwan on point C, it doesn’t have to be opinions. You might have some insight on something that others might find interesting. You might make things and just want to put it out there, as once again, people be (and probably are) interested.

Or you might just have pet photos and everyone likes those ;-)

@david True: I ought to put more weight on "social" rather than "media".

I wish I had pets for photos 😥. I did have two cats but one died (at 18YO so not unexpected) and one I left in Melbourne with my flatmate as she was so attached to him.
Maybe I could toot photos of the possums my Mum feeds at night. 😄

This dude looked like he was about to jump me when I was sitting on the back deck talking to my boyfriend on the phone
@david @PaulMcEwan


@ada @ash @david Okay, as requested, here's photos of my Mums pet ringtails. I fed them with her this eve.

The left one is the mum, the right one is her child, ready to leave mum. My Mum's watched the joey grow up.

@PaulMcEwan @ada @david Oh look at their little tails. They don't look very happy about the flash though 😅

@PaulMcEwan @ada @ash I do love ringtails, even if one did bite me when I was trying to help it.

@david @ada @ash I'd be a tad nervous now if I was bitten, after reading about possums as reservoirs of mycobacterium ulcerans. I don't want Buruli ulcer.

@PaulMcEwan @david @ash Yep. My mum needed surgery after being bitten by one. It got her right on the finger joint, and they had to do surgery to stop the infection getting in to the joint.

@PaulMcEwan @ada @ash Yeah it was off to the quack and a course of double strength antibiotics for me. Seemed to have worked.

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