Can we please as a state start enacting a shady Queensland. Not just because the name would be banging but also because as a state with some@of the highest melanoma rates in the world it’s absolutely ridiculous we do nothing

Even I’m impressed with how fast android users and developers copied dynamic island

So, yeah summer, spring winter autumn has been good this week!

Accidentally and somewhat stupidly ordered the iPhone pro max and erm all the fonts seem to be a touch larger.. the keyboard is more thick finger enabled.. the dynamic island is waaaaaaaaay outside of one hand territory.. I’m adapting

Thermomix modernist mac and cheese is the easiest way to make Mac and cheese and I’m just seriously delightfully scared for my waist!

Done, phone ordered! Now…. The wait!

I can’t wait for 10pm, to get in the queue for a new phone.. mine is about now dead.

A heavily concentrated beef stock needs to be defatted tomorrow. This 2L will make about 6l but chances of me “watering it down” are about slim to none! Need to make chicken stock as well. Now I’m hungry

So I might be obsessive, I’ve cooked on the bbq almost nightly trying stuff and generally getting amazing food. It’s been fun!

The extra blanket is back on my bed after a few cold nights!

Getting power monitoring switches was pretty good, now I get a notification when the washing is finished, can also turn things off. So this is all something and I’m kinda excited about it

Aaaand the pork was fantastic! And the potatoes cooked in all the pork fat I collected from the cook :D heart health be damned!

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Doing a little rotisserie pork belly in the Weber decided to use the smoker box. For a while nothing was happening then it kicked in and the deck got foggy. Do I pulled out the vornado. It’s helped and omg the smell is amazing but wow when the smoker box went it went!

Is this just a regular little bee or an Australian native? Seems keen on the plant soil.

So, dinner from the bbq already half eaten! But it was good

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@Ben nice! I’m going to look for something for my apartment balcony. I thought with Father’s Day coming up there might be sales and I can pick one up.

First cook, making chicken thigh, corn, garlic bread and salad. Need better lighting 1 battery work light doesn’t cut it. Fun though :)

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Latest addition to the little outdoor kitchen!

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