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Iโ€™m a 30 something (for now) plant dad, part of the LGBTQI+ mafia living in Queensland, Brisbane area. Iโ€™ve a partner, an amazing man with a wild sense of humour and the capacity to make me laugh like no one Iโ€™ve ever met.. so I kidnapped him.

Iโ€™ve a love of things, pretty much everything I can figure out how to make is within scope of me wanting to try my hand at. Right now, , , , , , , automation and some others as well

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Love Iโ€™m slowly turning my house into something that doesnโ€™t need my input to work it just does itโ€™s thing and hopefully gets out of our way. So far havenโ€™t managed that but itโ€™s on the way.

I blame @ash for this introductory post.

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Oh for crying out fโ€™ing loud Netflix has to do it fโ€™ing again. I can not believe this bullshit!

Christ I hope this brings an end to the attacks our trans community and our young LGBTQI+ community have had to endure over the last few months.

Carl is reading the house insurance and becoming very angry that we arenโ€™t insured for terrorists acts against our home such as explosions and riots. We was reading it to find out if we were covered should the house burn down because of a battery. So going well.. heโ€™s also proof reading this toot and made me correct spelling. Send help

Amazon attempts to save the world by using recycled packaging 5 times bigger then the book it contains

Carl would like to say, in a white Texan womanโ€™s accent: howdy yaโ€™ll

Making biscuits and freezing the raw dough was genius because Iโ€™m currently making a few fresh biscuits :) I will need to make more of these ask I rather appreciate this simple act.

Thought it was just ridiculously humid again today but no, 70% but 26c makes it feel a little damp and warm with absolutely no breeze

I think the newest Florence + The Machine album is probably perfect

Iโ€™m getting tired of twitter, Iโ€™m of the โ€œcurate the f out of my social mediaโ€ so I donโ€™t get much crap except when everyone jumps on something like terf bag rolling or right now political crappery but Iโ€™m over the general meh of the place.

Carl and I went for Japanese and we ate far to much. Iโ€™m feeling stuffed to the brim with food.

American sugar cookies, recipe from chef steps. First time Iโ€™ve made them so interested in how this will go. The cookies once scooped need to rest for an hour before baking or freezing so I might freeze half and cook half. Easy recipe took all of about 15 minutes to assemble and mix and another 5 to scoop using an ice cream scoop which is a new thing to me and I freakin love it!

How on earth did spell check take the words โ€œin the lounge a dulux colour dominoโ€ and correct dulux to silicon???

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Iโ€™ve finished painting the wall in the lounge a silicone colour domino tv is now back up on the wall and cabinets need another one, now to find the right doors.

Iโ€™ve cut in, waiting for it to dry to do another coat then will roller. Mean time something to eat and take down the rail.

Agonising over the details. The wall is being painted domino which is a charcoal, the cabinet under the tv has 4 others that will be next to it with doors/draws. The tv height is right but should I move the cabinet down so it is lower to the floor. Eventually the carpet will be replaced with a herringbone wood floor, the skirting will be replaced with a more modern style and the doors will be painted that yellow on the wall. Some plants, nice lights. Cabinet height though ugh

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