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Seeking ranty, opinionated, bitchy and/or old programmers to be my friend. Spread the word. Please. I'm so lonely.

ZOMG USS Callister. I can't even

Looking through old files and I stumbled across this pic.

The research org I worked at years ago had a costume comp as part of the annual research symposium (which I usually won, natch), but it meant I gave technical presentations in costumes like this one.

Goals for 2018: more tech talks in costume.

Naww, the new Netflix drama 'A Korean Odyssey' is based on Journey to the West <3

Coming home after the gym and lazing about drinking coffee in activewear is a wonderful novelty and I look forward to doing this a lot more now that I'm not working on Saturday mornings

Now that I've rehomed my ants I can work on the models for my new doll :)

Hooray hooray hooray! I finally found my passport, so I can stop stressing now

What did I achieve in 2017?

Nothing much, but I made it to the end, and that's enough.

My favorite thing about 2017 (that I'm not directly connected to) is that "wholesome" became a dominant genre of meme.

Now I hope "genuinely caring about each other" becomes hip in 2018.

Today's main task achieved: Did planning and ordered parts required for upcoming book chapters

I guess I have time to properly tidy my room / find my passport now.

It's a weird feeling being a Sunday but knowing I don't have to go to the office next week*. It's been a very long time since I took a week off.

* still debating whether I should go in to collect my purse, do I really need it this week?

Guess which muppet left her purse at work on the last day of the year who also left buying ingredients for Christmas food to the last minute?

Thank goodness for Apple pay.

My evening: fixed a high priority bug & published a new release to get a head start on work tomorrow, completed more article revisions, tried to remember where I put my passport (nope), drew more mandalas.

I only recently started saving images of some of my mandalas and it still seems weird to do that. I guess I've drawn a few thousand over the years, and always destroyed / deleted them. I still deconstruct them (but now I snapshot them during the process)

Such an annoying week...

So I drew a rabbit mandala to cheer myself up