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@maloki yes, and also because we live in the future in Australia (compared to the majority of people on social media anyway, so usually the earliest I'll see posts from Europe or the US is the next day, because they were posted during the night for me)

Dammit, why do I always see stuff on social media about about world pangolin day a day or two afterwards?

I 💖 pangolins so much

Time to make calendar entry for next year

Skipped going to the gym this morning so I could get to work with time to prepare for an early scheduled interview, who ended up being a no show. Now I am cranky 😠

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on a bus back to the city after the React Meetup feat. @AnnaGerber 🔧

@gemlog It was a melancholy game. I uploaded a couple more of the later tracks.

@gemlog True, I could. It only occurred to me the other day to share music I make, but I have a lot of guitar and piano songs that I wrote recorded on cassettes over the years that I could also do something with too.

@gemlog I was just precocious and using computers from a young age. I don't think I did anything further with that one, although a few of the later tracks sound a bit similar. Judging by the sequence number that one was written when I was 13 (around 25 years ago)

@gemlog thanks :) some of these are just snippets because I would compose them on the Roland and then score them in Deluxe Music on Amiga later (these are the draft Roland versions - the computer versions have been lost to time).

@gemlog Thanks. I figured I'd put some of the stranger ones up there. A lot of them are weird like that (particularly the early numbers - I was studying music at school at the time and I can hear a lot more influence from classical music theory in the later stuff)

I put some of the tracks I wrote as a kid for my unfinished epic game up on soundcloud, 'cause why not.

The GarageBand sounds are a bit different to the MIDI sounds on the Roland keyboard I wrote these on

I just booted up my old Powerbook G4 and it is still remarkably snappy. I love(d) that laptop so much.

But.. BUT... I discovered a treasure trove of old MIDI files on the HD that I thought I'd lost!

... Stuff I wrote when I was a kid (in the early 90s), that were supposed to be soundtracks for a game I was going to create, though I got so distracted making the music that I never wrote the game.

I was so proud of them back then, but some sound pretty weird to my adult ear

I started researching breathable moisture wicking performance fabrics that would be suitable for dresses. Eventually found my way to an online store with bamboo performance fabrics and realised I got a sample from this very store last time I got all inspired about this.... 2010


@tqft I hear that. I've been showering and changing on arrival due to the humidity. But why offices adopt dresscodes designed for other climates is a mystery to me. Much better when everyone can be comfortable and productive

@tqft shorts are allowed in our office. To be fair I could get away with wearing regular activewear if I wanted. But I'm torn between wanting to feel cool and comfortable in summer and my love of dresses.

Hurrah performance workwear (i.e. office clothes made from performance fabrics) is totally a thing.

I wonder if I can get hold of the fabrics and design my own

I bought a Dri-FIT skort on clearance yesterday, and wore it for soccer training because I knew it would be like a sauna today and I am very pleased with this decision.

But now I'm wondering if I can get away with wearing it for normal office wear and pondering if there's a market for activewear that looks kind of corporate

@AnnaGerber and apparently grammar comes second

oh no, i just saw pride and prejudice and zombies is new on netflix, but I had a bug I was supposed to be fixing...

...but Jane Austen always come first

@david I use Amaroq but doesn't seem to prompt for favouriting