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@gemlog @pori he's not entirely useless πŸ˜€ Also his girlfriend was kind enough to clean the house while I was away, it was lovely to come home to

@gemlog @pori I leave food for the ants and they look after themselves. my housemate feeds the rest. he also waters my houseplants

@isagalaev it was nice being away from computers in general

@gemlog ah. even without signing up you should be able to click/ swipe side to side to see the other pictures

@gemlog the other person in those pictures? It's @pori

@gemlog oh don't worry, I plan to get bees soon

@Coorey Thanks. I lived there for a while about 10 years ago but I haven't been back for about 5 years. I'm looking forward to seeing how it's changed since then

@gemlog hahaha. I'm just doing the things I love to do, but thank you

I'm so excited about my upcoming trip to Japan. I should be packing but instead I'm drawing 😊

I've been watching videos of every version of baby shark to procrastinate from finishing doing my tax, which says a lot about how much I hate doing tax.

@gemlog lol

thanks 😊
I'm just enjoying the artwork of the tattoos, no plans to get one myself at this time

I'm so excited about Japan!!

Things I am excited about tonight in no particular order:

* New roller skating venue grand opening tomorrow afternoon - gonna wear my purple skates
* AliExpress global shopping festival coming up on the 11th - wish-listing all the things
* Make-up class at Sephora tomorrow morning - maybe I'll finally learn how to be a real girl
* Browsing pretty tattoo designs on insta
* I'm going to Japan in a week!!! πŸ™πŸŒΈπŸ‘πŸ―

aw DramaFever shut down πŸ˜” they refunded the remainder of my yearly subscription even though I feel like I got more than got my values worth. at least I still have my viki sub for kdrama. long Iive viki!


so come baaaack ...

it's crazy here too but in more charming ways