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@ashkyd My favourite is JOMO - joy of missing out

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As I walked back across the Kurilpa to my car at QPAC after the stargazing world record event tonight, I passed the William Jolly lit up like the fighting dragon nebula, a group of people partying along with a jazzy live band covering Daft Punk outside GOMA, and many runners on the boardwalk next to the mangroves participating in the Darkness to Daylight challenge to raise money for domestic violence prevention. Sometimes this little town feels very lively

At the stargazing at Roma st Park waiting in line for a telescope. I was feeling lazy so Iโ€™m wearing a blanket over my gym gear. At least Iโ€™ll be a comfortable nerdy loner

Was not organised / social enough to find anyone to go with to the stargazing tonight, and there will be so many people there, I am starting to regret getting a ticket

@david yikes, the US version is so bad in comparison

@david I don't recall ever watching Star Blazers. I only watched a bit of Battle of the Planets, but I *loved* Ulysses31 because I was such a history nerd as a kid. I even named two of our kittens (my parents bred pedigree cats then) Ulysses and Yumi.

@gemlog It's often used in side salads or as a garnish, even in non-vegetarian meals.
I'm not vegetarian - I eat fish at least once a week and lately sometimes (but very rarely) small amounts of other meat in social situations. Never chicken though, I've always disliked it.

@gemlog It's very popular here so I tolerate it. Not for every meal though.

Reached that point in my life where mentioning childhood favourite tv shows gets blank stares.

Ulysses31 was epic.

@gemlog Maybe you call it arugula? You're not missing much

@RogueHound both are ok in moderation, just fairly mediocre IMO - there are other salad leaves and definitely better cheeses to choose from so I don't understand why it was in *every* recipe

Some years ago I tried Hello Fresh but quit after a couple of months because literally every vegetarian meal contained either rocket or feta (I'm not a big fan of either). They offered me a free meal box to try to lure me back.... why am I not surprised?

So tired and sore after physio today. Even my bruises have bruises

@ashkyd lol I would have taken your word for it - my eyes are so tired everything looks low res to me right now

A co-organiser at DjangoCon Europe, Sasha, wrote a post about volunteer burnout, how conference organising has changed, and what issues we face as a community:

Working with Sasha has always been a pleasure and I understand completely where she is coming from. I don't have any answers either.

I managed to salvage the afternoon by making a new batch of kombucha as well as assembling the first piece of IKEA furniture I have allowed in the house * - a step stool, because I am too short to reach the top shelves in my room and lugging the piano bench in anytime I needed to reach something was becoming tedious.

* I loathe flatpack furniture but at least it's made from real wood