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Why I bother sending my housemate texts I do not know 👻

OMG my new coding hat arrived! It has built in paw mittens

Been a busy week getting to know my new work colleagues in Hong Kong, but I'm glad to be flying back this evening

Last night I 3D printed the first draft of the head for my new doll, Laureline. She needs sanding / painting and she'll be a redhead when I get around to making a new wig, but she looks exactly as fierce as I had imagined.

Looking through old files and I stumbled across this pic.

The research org I worked at years ago had a costume comp as part of the annual research symposium (which I usually won, natch), but it meant I gave technical presentations in costumes like this one.

Goals for 2018: more tech talks in costume.

This afternoon I made some 3d models for ant-keeping and 3d printed a cute little formicarium for my ant queens

My excellent gift was this cool collage from Squinky. Thank you :)

My evening: fixed a high priority bug & published a new release to get a head start on work tomorrow, completed more article revisions, tried to remember where I put my passport (nope), drew more mandalas.

Such an annoying week...

So I drew a rabbit mandala to cheer myself up

Taught the last robotics session for the year, then voted and got my democracy cupcake. Now to write for the rest of the weekend and I might be on track

App devs: please stop

I started 3d printing a modular formicarium from thingiverse, seems like a cool system

My folks have converted their dining table into some kind of DIY ant processing and production facility. Pictured: goon box full of test tubes containing ant queens

Great day at the Festival.

Tay-Tay for uke. Be still my heart

Painted the uke I won with a rainbow mandala (work in progress, I ran out of time to finish the line work)

Woke up with Rebel Rebel in my head (thanks Lucifer) and it ended up being the song choice for the group song in the Bowie workshop :)

I wore a huge hat and took two water bottles, so I looked like a dork but at least I stayed hydrated.

Grabbed a choc top and watched the RAAF roulettes display before escaping the crowds

My colleague from work is one of the organisers of this toy show, where I found this adorable Amapro ebi friend
It's running all week

if there's one thing I've learnt from strong women characters like Leia Organa, it's the importance of great hairdos. I got some new hair pins so I feel like I can achieve anything today