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Anna 🔧 @AnnaGerber

Tonight at @brisjs I'll be talking API dev from the perspective of a mostly front-end web dev who jumped into a completely backend Node.js role. Catch it on the livestream if you can't make it in person

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Apologies to anyone who tried to follow along with the livestream of my talk tonight - there was a technical glitch due to the phone doing the stream overheating which resulted in part of the talk not being streamed, but the recording will go up online soon.

@AnnaGerber So soon ^_^ We've gotta do this flash drive thing more often.

@AnnaGerber I wonder if there's an app that lets the phone keep recording with the screen off?

@mike_hasarms good question, though not sure if that would help, I don't know much about android, it was @ashkyd 's phone