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Anna 🔧 @AnnaGerber

I absolutely should not go near "health" stores - my hippie upbringing means I am a complete sucker for that stuff.

I went to get a supplement recommended by my dietician and it took all my resolve not to walk out with some organic herbal hair treatment or essential oils *

(* I did get some herbal stress rescue pastilles for my upcoming flight though - SMH )

@AnnaGerber How can you have had a hippie upbringing? You are way too young.

@gemlog My parents were hippies, they were still very much into that lifestyle when I was born (in the late '70s)

@AnnaGerber Ah ok. My best friend is a hippy (he's 70 yo). He was at the concert the beatles did in toronto back in the day. 20 minutes of screaming girls and no one could hear the music. He still thinks it was great and worth it! :-)

@gemlog That sounds like an amazing experience (even with the screaming). I have so much love for the Beatles. I know all of their songs by heart. We also listened to / sang a lot of Cat Stevens while I was growing up.

@AnnaGerber I am such a social outcast all my life. I remember going to Bolton and visiting my cousins. My Uncle started singing yellow submarine at the supper table and his kids joined in. I had never heard it before and they thought I was odd! This is like late 60's (I'm 57 now). I was probably 8 or 9 years old.

@gemlog I used to get that too because I didn't know contemporary music and wore my parents hand-me-down hippie clothes. I had a Dark Side of the Moon pyramids poster on my bedroom wall when I was about that age but none of my school friends knew what it was about. When I was in high school my peers called me 'Anna-chronism' (i.e. anachronism) for being out of my time, but I was cool with that

@AnnaGerber I am completely horrible and I adore puns! :-) I love that one about anna :-)
Also, I like your friends for coming up with it in the first place!.

Never buy flowers from a monk. Because only YOU can prevent florist friars.
That might not work internationally actually...

@gemlog Ha,! Yeah we have heard of smokey bear here. It definitely works.

@AnnaGerber That's a really good one. I'm a sucker for stuff like that and so are my kids. I got that one from my son. Some kind of genetic thing I guess.

@AnnaGerber Thanks for your indulgence! I'll go back to just reading your python code now...