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Anna 🔧 @AnnaGerber

I can tell the office air con is far too cold because my temperature changing nail polish is reddish pink right now. Normally it's purple unless I stick my fingers in cold water

@AnnaGerber could not resist to wonder if anyone every try to use that argument before courts of law

@saper @AnnaGerber

my younger sister buys nail polish like that and I think its as accurate or the same stuff used in other LCD thermometer type devices.

in a European country which defines/suggests minimum/maximum safe temperatures for a workplace it might even be a valid piece of at least secondary evidence of somewhere too cold/hot to work in safely (e,g UK guidelines are 16 deg C minimum for offices and 13 deg C for warehouse/heavy industry/factory type place)

@vfrmedia @saper it's not too bad, definitely wouldn't be less than 16 degrees. But I didn't think to dress for cool and it's an annoying contrast when it's 30 outside

@AnnaGerber @saper is it not possible for your building services department to turn down the airco? I remember working in a govt building in the early 2000s (ironically for UK Environment Ministry!) on the 6th floor and there were many complaints if the airco was making the place way too cold, especially from older chaps (including many senior managers) as ventilator fans in the ceiling blasted cold air upon their bald heads! (some said "if this carries on, we will keep our hats on indoors" 😆 )

@vfrmedia I worked once in the office which was on the only air-conditioned floor because we've had server rooms. Maybe @AnnaGerber does not only share the floor with the blinkey ones, but also there is only one temperature setting for all creatures installed there?

@saper @AnnaGerber actually one of our nursing homes has no easy way of regulating temperature other than the radiator valves in individual rooms (which means corridors, offices and everywhere else can be unbearably hot. Server/comms room has its own airco independent of everything else which is cooler doesn't have much space to work in (airco and multiple ventilator fans are noisy as well)

@vfrmedia @saper it's because many people are away on leave this week. When everyone is back it should be ok again due to all the bodies. Also yes, there is equipment that needs to stay cool, so it's easier if the humans wear jackets

@AnnaGerber TIL: temperature changing nail polish exists

I'm going to have to trash my entire non-temperature-sensitive collection as too lame now. They are all going in the trash.

Heck of a way to start a new year.

@gemlog I also have holographic, glow in the dark and magnetic glitter polish (you style it with magnetic patterned wands then set the design with a UV lamp). Nail gel is pretty high tech these days :)