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Brisbane friends! 🌸 It is one week until LGBT & Allies in Tech drinks is on! 🍻 Be sure to RSVP.

I have been constantly reminded today that I have such wonderful friends and family πŸ’›

Watching people be sweet and cute to each other is the best part of Mastodon and it feels me with warmth.

My junior dev had to deal with an annoying, buggy, poorly documented framework today so I gave her this squishy pig to help her get through it. (Also wrote a sample program for her showing how to use the framework which I suspect was the more useful aid, but nowhere near as satisfying)

hmm, overheard colleagues discussing how today was "a sad day for the Linux kernel" and from what they were saying I thought Linus had died o_0
Perhaps change is almost the same thing in their minds?

oh no someone reported the account that uploaded my favourite youtube video (Marie Laforet singing Viens Viens) and it was removed! Fortunately there was another copy - crisis averted:

This is straight-up required reading. I'll share my favourite quote from the article:

β€œFrameworks and tooling need to explain clearly, in small words, with reproducible instructions how they deliver under-budget experiences, how much room is left after their budgetary cost, and what devices and networks their tools are appropriate in. This will mean that many popular tools are relegated to prototyping. That’s OK.”

Fabulous work by @slightlyoff.

Hey LGBT peeps & allies! We've got social drinks happening at the end of the month. Join us!

I always like going to the physio before work because I smell like liniment all morning (I love that Wintergreen fragrance)

Went with cute over pockets while choosing my dress this morning.
Still one of life's great mysteries why I can't have both

Apathy is out motherfuckers! Don't be an untrendy heaux, compliment yourselves and tell your friends you love them often 🌸 πŸ’• ✨

Oh wow, since then there was also a third season of MCOG!!!

Time for some binge watching πŸ˜€

The original intro is still the best though

Scrolling back through old tweets I saw a tweet I posted in 2012 where I was excited about a possible second series of The Mysterious Cities of Gold - but then I completely forgot about it and it turns out it did happen!!!

I loved this show so much when I was a kid!!

That is quite a quote:
"Senior executives report that the lack of quality developer talent is one of the biggest potential threats to their businesses. In fact, they now worry about access to skilled developers more than they worry about access to capital, immigration concerns, and other challenges."

As promised, another video blog.

This one is about feeding my quail (despite the chickens)

Wow. Cleaned up old docker images and git checkouts and suddenly I have 160GB of extra disk space.

So you can expect more random videos and terrible uke covers now that I have the space to record them...

Having trouble getting your ducks in a row? Well friend that's what duck tape was invented for.

Note, please do not tape ducks in real life, they are bigger and angrier than they look.