Deleted my meetup account.
Thinking about killing some of my other social accounts too (not like I use them). Gradually fading out, so if I disappear from here that's what happened

Signed up for a free Amazon Prime Video trial to watch Good Omens yesterday. Cancelled my trial membership today. Aside from the 6 episodes of Good Omens, I could not find a single thing I wanted to watch. As far as I can tell they have no kdrama whatsoever.

Back from Korea today, off to Melbourne tomorrow. My cat no longer recognizes me

Hooray, found my passport in minutes without a house-wide search this time. Certainly makes packing a lot less stressful.

lol got a text from Woolworths about an incoming storm and thought to myself "since when do grocery stores send weather warnings?" completely forgetting I recently switched to their home insurance. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Testing the limits of the todo list by putting implausible things on there... and this is why I've been baking my own bread and why I just singlehandedly cut down a tree twice my size

I installed todoist the other day and started making lists of all the things I should do. At first I enjoyed the productivity, but I just kept adding more and more things each day and now I'm kind of regretting the whole thing except I'm addicted so I can't stop. For example, today I whipper snippered the whole yard, did a bunch of house work, built some shelves, studied several Mandarin lessons, exercised, didn't do anything fun, and now I'm exhausted but I still feel like a lazy failure πŸ˜”

PSA for social media advertising algorithms and anyone else who is interested: those bamboo toothbrush subscriptions where you get a new toothbrush every 6 weeks for $40 per person per year - it's cheaper to buy a bulk pack of 10 for around $5 on AliExpress and there'll be less packaging too, or if you only want one at a time, 59c including shipping

Trying a new thing: Archived the 55K emails in my inbox because why not? First time ever at inbox zero

Impressed and slightly terrified that when I started typing a random question into Google it autocompleted to my exact specific question after typing one and a half words: "what lang..."

Decided to make a to-do list of housechores today. Not only got through them but also had time for reading, more drawing and kdrama. I'm thinking I might try todoist after reading about it on letsqueerthingsup, because this level of productivity is unprecedented

In the kdrama I'm watching now, instead of falling back on the cliche of setting their monarchy-based plotline in some tiny fictional European country like your average Netflix Christmas special, they simply invented a contemporary royal family for Korea. I lol every time someone refers to the main character as the King of the Republic of Korea 🀣

uh oh, I woke up in an anti-capitalist mood

Getting meta with my viewing: watching a drama about a kdrama fan who finds herself in a kdrama and has to move the plot forward to get out

It's such a wonderful feeling to arrive home on Friday evening after a long, challenging week of training and workshops and sit in silence doing absolutely nothing

The next Muses Code JS (formerly NodeGirls) is on the same day as Global Diversity CFP so I can't help out at both. Last year Global Diversity CFP day was the same day as Elixr Girls. It makes me sad when tech community inclusivity events clash

OMFG I am useless. Despite sending myself a reminder toot weeks ago I completely forgot to remember world pangolin day ***again*** (It was on Saturday)

I only realised when I saw this picture by "The Latest Kate". I guess the sentiment is that it's ok to mess up. But I am still so annoyed at myself

I should have tried to learn the chords or played through it before recording it, but this is the song I was feeling today: unpolished uke cover of Desert Garden

Do you feel like I do
tired of everything?
Can you feel what I can
almost everything?
I want to leave today
The sky is big and my life is small
I want to leave with you
so we can build a perfect garden. The stars are far away
I can see them with my eyes
I watch then fade away
like the moments of my life

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