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Dammit, why do I always see stuff on social media about about world pangolin day a day or two afterwards?

I πŸ’– pangolins so much

Time to make calendar entry for next year

Skipped going to the gym this morning so I could get to work with time to prepare for an early scheduled interview, who ended up being a no show. Now I am cranky 😠

on a bus back to the city after the React Meetup feat. @AnnaGerber πŸ”§

I put some of the tracks I wrote as a kid for my unfinished epic game up on soundcloud, 'cause why not.

The GarageBand sounds are a bit different to the MIDI sounds on the Roland keyboard I wrote these on

I just booted up my old Powerbook G4 and it is still remarkably snappy. I love(d) that laptop so much.

But.. BUT... I discovered a treasure trove of old MIDI files on the HD that I thought I'd lost!

... Stuff I wrote when I was a kid (in the early 90s), that were supposed to be soundtracks for a game I was going to create, though I got so distracted making the music that I never wrote the game.

I was so proud of them back then, but some sound pretty weird to my adult ear

I started researching breathable moisture wicking performance fabrics that would be suitable for dresses. Eventually found my way to an online store with bamboo performance fabrics and realised I got a sample from this very store last time I got all inspired about this.... 2010


Hurrah performance workwear (i.e. office clothes made from performance fabrics) is totally a thing.

I wonder if I can get hold of the fabrics and design my own

I bought a Dri-FIT skort on clearance yesterday, and wore it for soccer training because I knew it would be like a sauna today and I am very pleased with this decision.

But now I'm wondering if I can get away with wearing it for normal office wear and pondering if there's a market for activewear that looks kind of corporate

oh no, i just saw pride and prejudice and zombies is new on netflix, but I had a bug I was supposed to be fixing...

...but Jane Austen always come first

Something that annoys me about Twitter/masto clients - the fav and boost icons are way too easy to hit accidentally while scrolling through the timeline. I'm always discovering random things I've done that to

The Homebrew IoT meetup was nice, just a bunch of nerdy ICL / hardware guys and a chill talk. Would go back.

But on the way home it began to rain and then my car aquaplaned on the freeway doing 90. Fortunately no one was next to me at the time, because it felt like it took forever to stop veering out of control. I guess it was only a few seconds really, but I drove the rest of the way home at 60 because I was too freaked out. Might be time to get the tyres checked.

Heading to the Homebrew IoT meetup tonight, conveniently across the road from work. Will be interesting to see how it differs from the Bne-IoT group. From initial impressions seems less businessey and more about hardware /software hacking

I love a good storm, but bnestorm was barely a blip here.

Though I did enjoy a bit of schadenfreude overhearing my housemate in another room losing his lights when there was a nearby lightning strike and then having to wait for his Google home to restart before it could recognise the voice command to turn them back on again, while my un-smart lights were just fine.

[Looking forward to the state of IoT mature so we can move beyond this asinine voice-activated home assistant fad]

Finished reading the first section of β€˜Spark Joy’ covering discarding clothes that don’t bring joy.

Have booked myself a stall for the suitcase rummage market weekend after next, so now I’m committed. My goal is to fill three suitcases worth of clothes that don't delight me but that might bring joy to someone else.

I'm finding it much easier to begin this process when I think of it as rehoming things that deserve to be cherished rather than as discarding them.

So far this weekend I have managed to:
* eat cheese
* bΜΆaΜΆkΜΆeΜΆ eat sourdough
* walk in the rain (it wasn't a beach but gotta take opportunities when they come)
* read about decluttering

I can't believe this week it will have been 5 years since the first CampJS!

It sounded like a cool idea so I went along even though I didn't know anyone. It was, of course, amazing.

The next month I attended my first @brisjs meetup, where I gave a lightning talk:

Since then I have got to know many excellent people from the JS community and my life has been vastly better for it.

The next CampJS is in August!

I love weekends now.

*So much possibility*

Things I want to do:
* get away from the city lights so I can stare at the stars
* declutter
* walk on a quiet beach on a cold rainy day
* bake sourdough
* eat cheese

Here's a user stylesheet snippet you can use to replace hamburger menus with hamburgers:

.fa-bars:before {
content: "πŸ”" !important;

It doesn't work on everything, not even all websites using Font Awesome (you wouldn't believe how many ways people find to implement the hamburger...) but it occasionally pops up in hilarious places

Trying to decide whether to be lazy and drive or catch the bus to work today and I suddenly realised I could maybe watch Netflix on my phone in the bus (a thing that has never occurred to me before) and I now I am unreasonably excited about catching the bus