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I'm so excited about my upcoming trip to Japan. I should be packing but instead I'm drawing 😊

I've been watching videos of every version of baby shark to procrastinate from finishing doing my tax, which says a lot about how much I hate doing tax.

Things I am excited about tonight in no particular order:

* New roller skating venue grand opening tomorrow afternoon - gonna wear my purple skates
* AliExpress global shopping festival coming up on the 11th - wish-listing all the things
* Make-up class at Sephora tomorrow morning - maybe I'll finally learn how to be a real girl
* Browsing pretty tattoo designs on insta
* I'm going to Japan in a week!!! πŸ™πŸŒΈπŸ‘πŸ―

aw DramaFever shut down πŸ˜” they refunded the remainder of my yearly subscription even though I feel like I got more than got my values worth. at least I still have my viki sub for kdrama. long Iive viki!

My diet has gone out the window since we got a sandwich press at work.

The problem with long-wearing gel polish is the polish still looks good after the growth gaps start being too obvious

One of the uke cover songs linked from my latest blog entry is 'Come wander with me' which is a pretty song from a surprising source - it's the main plot device from an episode of the Twilight Zone

I've linked a few more uke covers from my blog:

I'm enjoying letting go of my perfectionism and sharing these even though they are really raw and full of mistakes

Just got my very own d&d players handbook. It's like I've leveled up in my nerdiness

A thing I never knew about having short hair when I had long hair -- when your hair is freshly clippered people will randomly stroke the back of your head

For some reason today my work Macbook keeps getting confused and playing sound through both my Bluetooth headphones and the external display at the same time. I was mortified when I realised but my colleagues didn't tell me because they said they were enjoying the music. 😰

Sitting in the cafe next to the gym drinking a soy tumeric latte in lulus pondering how I became a cliche

I am eating a pineapple pie. I can't believe I never knew this was a thing until now 🍍

Things I love about my team: every morning we have an impromptu meeting in the work kitchen while we make and eat breakfast. Toasted cheese sandwiches, eggs, yoghurt, oats... We often have a brief afternoon snack meeting too. Every standup should involve food.

Broke the team uniform streak - Elise is elegant in black today but I am wearing llamas! πŸ˜€

* I would have been delightfully surprised if we'd matched today

Oh this is so cool: I just found out that this pencil that I bought on impulse because it called out to me as I passed by the window of a bookstore, which I am now using to write in my journal, was designed in honor of Ada Lovelace. The hexagons down the side spell out her initials in binary 😍

Stormy evening, time for some quiet time with a cup of tea, books and my gorgeous new journal