Getting meta with my viewing: watching a drama about a kdrama fan who finds herself in a kdrama and has to move the plot forward to get out

It's such a wonderful feeling to arrive home on Friday evening after a long, challenging week of training and workshops and sit in silence doing absolutely nothing

The next Muses Code JS (formerly NodeGirls) is on the same day as Global Diversity CFP so I can't help out at both. Last year Global Diversity CFP day was the same day as Elixr Girls. It makes me sad when tech community inclusivity events clash

OMFG I am useless. Despite sending myself a reminder toot weeks ago I completely forgot to remember world pangolin day ***again*** (It was on Saturday)

I only realised when I saw this picture by "The Latest Kate". I guess the sentiment is that it's ok to mess up. But I am still so annoyed at myself

I should have tried to learn the chords or played through it before recording it, but this is the song I was feeling today: unpolished uke cover of Desert Garden

Do you feel like I do
tired of everything?
Can you feel what I can
almost everything?
I want to leave today
The sky is big and my life is small
I want to leave with you
so we can build a perfect garden. The stars are far away
I can see them with my eyes
I watch then fade away
like the moments of my life

Opened Netflix thinking I'd watch 'Russian Doll' because people were saying good things about it, but nope I only lasted a few minutes. Switched to 'Siempre Bruja' - supernatural young adult drama is much more my thing

It was lovely to hear rain last night, even if it was all but over by the time I got to the window to sniff at the petrichor

I rarely visit Sydney so the only landmark I know is Paddy's Market. When I looked outside the window of the hotel booked by work to discover my room directly overlooks that market, it only reinforced my worldview

In Sydney for work and I didn't want to eat alone so I'm in a food court in Chinatown because it feels homely

So good to be able to start walking again now that my knee is recovering

Finished an epic lunch with my colleagues in Hong Kong and I don't understand how any of us are going to be able to focus on anything this afternoon other than digestion

Doodling after a relaxing day - reading, manicure, decluttering

I just discovered my favourite period drama has a kdrama remake

I've been driving in early and parking across the river from work so I can walk through the botanical gardens each day. Tree and sky time makes me happy.

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I could have made better progress but I made a start - I'm happy with my choice to stay home and declutter this new year's.

Day 3 of the epic decluttering:
After furniture wrangling yesterday, today I'm culling. I happened upon a giant wasp (I don't know why there are wasps in my room either but hey this is Australia). It got caught up under my dress and stung me in an inconvenient place. Fortunately I had white flower embrocation in my hand at that very moment.

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